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Tuesday February 20, 2018

maureen pattyQ: How do you know each other?

Ford:  We are both long time California residents, and I reached out to Patty to be a participant and share a story in Life Moments for Women.  We soon realized that we had much in common as entrepreneurial and women’s advocates, and decided to join forces.  

Q: How did you come up with the premise for the book -- successful women sharing their 'a-ha' life moment -- and why 100 stories?

DeDominic:  Maureen realized after more than a decade as an entrepreneurial educator that students often learned more from the personal stories shared with them by successful people, rather than by lesson plans.   We talked to more women and decided to collect the most amazing stories of triumph, survivorship and prosperity, and the stories and referrals just kept coming in!   We finally stopped after 108 amazing Life Moments were collected for this first Life Moments for Women book.

Q:  Was there a criteria for qualifying women to share their stories or are the women featured linked by some group or affiliation?

Ford:  Our women are diverse, from many different walks of life. All are successful and many are community leaders.  Some are entrepreneurs, successful in business, the arts, sports or non-profits that they started or grew.

Q:  Were there guidelines for the submissions?

DeDominic:  Maureen and I worked together on developing the guidelines.  We spoke to each of the women, and listened for something special in her life… an AH HA Moment or a time when life fundamentally shifted for her.   

Q:  How long did it take you to compile the submissions?

Ford:  Life Moments for Women took nearly four years to complete.  It was a genuine labor of love identifying women we wanted to feature, reaching out to them, and working together to capture that one very amazing moment that changed her life.

Q: Are the stories presented in any specific order in the book?

DeDominic: The stories are in alphabetical order.

Q: What led you to donate the proceeds from sales to the Women's Foundation of California?

Ford:  Both of us have supported women’s causes, entrepreneurial education and nonprofits for many years.    We decided to work with the Women’s Foundation of California because of its mission to not only empower women but to help strengthen the non profit grant partners, over 1300 of them.    The Women’s Foundation works toward a just and equitable California, in which all people and communities, in every region of the state, thrive.  For over 30 years, the Foundation has been not just a grant maker, but a relentless advocate for social change.  We loved that the foundation uses the money it raises for strategic grant-making, public policy, and bringing together innovative women leaders.    The dynamic network comprised of dedicated donor activists, leaders and grassroots organizations working throughout the state seemed like the perfect partner for the Life Moments for Women project.

Q: What is your ultimate goal for Life Moments for Women?

DeDominic: We want to share these amazing stories, promote the women in the book and hope that their stories will inspire thousands!   We also plan to donate all profits, up to the first million dollars, to the Women’s Foundation of California.   We hope that the book will become a tool to raise awareness of the good work of the 1300 Women’s Foundation Grant partners and become a gift that people give their sisters, mothers, daughters and girl-friends everywhere.

Q: How are you supporting and promoting the book in the months ahead?

Ford: There will be many Life Moments events. Through a generous grant from AT&T and the New York Life Company we have been able to produce the first 4,000 books.   We plan to sell over 50,000 books utilizing more corporate and philanthropic sponsors at events, book signings and retreats.   Collaborating with our featured women, and The Women’s Foundation of California and its grant partners, we will reach out to every woman across the state.

DeDominic:  People love this book!  Famed television producer, Marcy Carsey, says “Imagine being at a gathering of women where they are sharing their thoughts, their lives and giving and taking the hard-earned wisdom of experience.  Now imagine that the 100+ women are all exceptionally accomplished and inspiring.   When you read this book, you are welcomed into that wonderful circle.”

Of course we will be reaching out to media with news stories along the way.  And communicate to fans through our Life Moments for Women social networks across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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