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Profits from first two years donated to the Women's Foundation of California  


Tuesday February 20, 2018


Profits from Life Moments for Women, up to one million dollars, will be donated to The Women's Foundation of California.


The Women's Foundation of California is a publicly supported grantmaking foundation that invests in women as a key strategy for creating a California where all communities are economically secure and can thrive.


Since 1979, the Foundation has cultivated diverse cross community relationships by making grants to effective organizations, training nonprofit leaders and bringing the voices of women into public policymaking.


Q: Where will the money be spent?

Maureen and Patty: Judy Patrick, CEO and Kim Kenny, Senior Development and Communication Officer of the Women’s Foundation of California advised how the money we raise will be spent at the Women’s Foundation.

We make grants.

Last year we awarded $3.3 million to 100 nonprofits throughout California. Money is often the critical ingredient needed to fuel a great idea. That’s why we’ve funded over 1,200 nonprofits led by and serving women and girls in every region of California, from Eureka to San Diego, over our 32-year history. But grants are just the beginning. We support our grant partners with advice, training and opportunities to collaborate with other members of our statewide network. This helps organizations to thrive and replicate innovative practices.

We advocate for laws and policies that benefit women and families.

We advocate for access to safe drinking water, training for higher wage jobs and affordable childcare when returning to the workforce. We amplify the voices of those who live on political, social and economic margins—single moms, low-income women, immigrants, older women and women living in rural areas. Last year the Women’s Foundation funded the first-ever gender analysis of the California state budget. This research showed that during the Great Recession, women and children fared the worst—an underreported story. We provided this vital information to legislators, community organizers and funders so they can influence change that benefit those most in need—women and children.

We harness the power of women’s leadership.

Women are an undervalued resource for solving our state’s most pressing problems. The Women’s Foundation invests in the best and brightest women with the most promising solutions. That’s why we started the Women’s Policy Institute in 2003—to teach women leaders how to work with legislators and organize local support for laws and policies to improve their neighborhoods and communities. They bring their voices, their experience and their expertise to Sacramento. More than 250 fellows have graduated from the Institute and 12 bills have become law—laws that require cosmetic manufacturers to disclose harmful ingredients, prohibit the sale or rental of violent video games to minors and prevent pesticides from being sprayed near schools. Laws that benefit all Californians.

For more information visit www.womensfoundca.org

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All profits donated to The Women's Foundation of California





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